Aspects of interior design style while designing a co-working space.

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Hello readers!

It’s November, the second last month of the year. Excited to welcome a new year very soon with lots of hope, with lots of positive vibes to become better, at the same time cherishing the memories from a year left behind. Time flies, it’s very true.

So guys without taking much time lets start the talk...

As a co-working space designer and facilitator, over the time since we have stepped in this industry we experienced many challenges while designing it and we are very much proud to overcome many of those challenges during our journey of providing the best place to work in.

Space planning is the foundation of any interior design planning, where the designer will get a physical boundary of an area to work with. In the process of space planning of a co-working office, there are few aspects of interior design which we do believe to be necessary to follow and stick to incorporate in our co-working office designs.

Here are the aspects as follows:

Functionality of a space :

In interior design, functionality basically means the function of the space used for.

And function of an office space is to get the works done with minimum distraction. As the office will be shared by many persons, whose work habits, scope of works differ from person to person, that is the reason functionality of a co-working space is a big challenge.

Here we give our best to design an office functional enough for everyone by considering client’s individual requirements and needs in our designs. We believe functionality of an office will increase efficiency in our working.

Be efficient at work!

Accessibility of a space:

In interior design, accessibility of a space refers the space can be independently used by the person made for.

Here we dedicatedly emphasise on balancing interior design style and its practical accessibility. The designer will focus to incorporate accessibility in to a stylish and a modern looking interior design style.

Designing an accessible co-working space is about choosing the right interior design style. For example in the process of designing a co-working space the designer must consider an elderly and physically disable person might use the same facilities. Its something about providing convenient stairs and elevators, make sure to get enough natural lights as well as artificial lights available inside the office, providing modern toilets with non slippery surfaces, choosing fire resistance materials for kitchen etc. etc.

Those are the few not the all aspects the designer need to consider to design an accessible co-working space.

Use with ease!


When it is a co-working office, the maintenance factor should definitely be considered in choosing the interior style. The interior design style for co-working office must be hassle free in terms of clean-up, tidiness and hygiene. The biggest challenge is that there is no dedicated time for cleaning and maintenance as we operates 24/7.

It’s OPEN. Welcome!


People have changed the way they work now a days.

Now it’s time to discard your typical desk and chairs from your offices. As a designer we focus on comfort siting with latest style of furniture pieces. Its time to design a cubical, workspace which is comfortable to work, reachable to interact with co workers at the same time not bothering your neighbour siting besides you. After all we design a healthy work environment for you. Work here with comfort and ease, boost your efficiency and maximise the productivity.

Fall in Love with your work! Happy Working!


Our last not the least aspects of interior design style in designing a co-working office is liveable, a lovely sunny place where you can live your dream work. We design the co-working space in such a way, here you can breath fresh air, you can see the true color of your dream work, you can enjoy working with a happy face, and you can feel the very fresh soul and mind within you.

Have Fun! Happy you!

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See you soon on a new bright day with a new hope.