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#110, 2nd Cross Rd
NGEF East, Kasturi Nagar
Bengaluru - 560043.


1st Floor, BK Arcade
Lal Ganesh, Lokhra Rd
Guwahati - 781034.



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The Rook India gives you a very positive vibe and you feel a sense of freedom in the work environment. The Community Team is always ready to help. Activities organised by the team help in opening closed minds and helps build teams and community.

Leo Meetei

CEO - Refixd Technology

Dharmendra, the founder of The Rook India, is an engineer by profession. He was able to relate to our needs quickly and accommodate our requests readily. In that sense, this place is by engineers and for engineers. He is also ever-smiling and very accessible. I recommend The Rook India Co-Working space.

Subrahmanyam Vempati

Founder - Cuspera Pvt LTD

The Rook India is a workplace shared with like-minded individuals, designed to have all the functions and comforts of a traditional office, but without the restrictions (and drama) of one. You can have your own desk and work only when you actually have to.

Ramesh Kumar

Sales Head, Pride Realty Sqft

The Rook India is an awesome place to work. The facilities and staff are perfect combination of flexibility, price and location. The flexibility allows us to have space we need for today and increase if we need tomorrow... The Rook India is the best option for fast growing companies, I would highly recommend any freelancers/ biz people/entrepreneurs who are working from home to consider co-working at The Rook India – your productivity will skyrocket !!

Raymond Satish

Director (Sales), MTL Marine Trans Logistics Pvt Ltd

The Rook India is a very nice place to work in. The ambience is very conducive for sustaining the entrepreneurial aura, the management is very helpful and cooperative and amenities are well provided.

Nolasko Abreu

Actuarial Team Lead, Colva Actuarial Services

We are a research and consulting firm, “higher at work”. Currently, there are two of us the co-founders who anchor most of the work. We hire as and when we require other people on our various projects. We initiated our firm about a year and a half back. And Rook India has been our place to go to, as and when we require. We travel intensively and physically meet up a few times a month. The Rook India has been the perfect office for us- nestled in a quiet street, clean and adequate amenities and extremely nice staff. It is a well-organized office space complete with all facilities one may require at work. All of our requests are promptly met and they have understood our requirement and offered us a plan that suits us. The people who own and run the place friendly and warm. We have had fruitful days working out of Rook. All the best for the future Rook.

Parijat Sarkar

Co-Founder, Higher at Work



Founder & CEO

Dharmendra Kalita

A technocrat turned entrepreneur having a solid experience of 10 years working in MNC’s like Juniper, GE Healthcare, Infinera, etc. An adventurer and fitness enthusiast who believes that the best time to do something great is right NOW.


Dhruba Jyoti Das

With 11+ years of industry experience in companies like Samsung, Borqs, Kyocera he brings immense knowledge base about the office space industry being a 'user' of the service and having seen different types of working environment throughout his career as a Software engineer. Also a socially active person and member of various communities which are helping in cleating a better society.


Arup Bharali

Living in the US working for America's telecom giant 'Verizon' with a wish to contribute towards India's #MakeInIndia initiative. With about 11+ years of industry experience working as an IT professional in companies like IBM, Verizon, Brillio, he wants to help budding entrepreneurs by sharing his professional experience so far.